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  HIKONEB - Turkey

    1. Ultrasonic Nebulizer with Heater

    Hikoneb 906 S/LCD Ultrasonic Nebulizer is designed to be used
    on hospital environment.
    Liquid Crystal Display, 3 button control panel, and utilized
    microcontroller technology allows unit to be precisely controlled.
    Built in timer function helps hospital staff and unit
    works for the needed period only.
    906 S/LCD unit is perfect for intensive use on clinical environments.
    Included accessories, hytrel tubing, water bottle, bacterial filter,
    air filter and mobile stand is perfect for hospital use.
    All the parts other than filters are autoclavable up to 132° Celsius.
    Supplied medicine caps allow the hospital staff to provide
    medicine to the patient efficiently.
    650 ml water tank and 1000 ml additional tank guarantees long operation.
    Adjustable nebulization is another positive specialty,
    which enables the adjustment of the given medicine amount in time.
    By the help of automatic heating mechanism,
    unit can supply warm vapor up to 38° C.

    2. Oxygen Concentrator

    Oxygen concentrators are stationary, electrical units that take in nitrogen from the air around us and
    provide a streaming flow of oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are less expensive than liquid oxygen and
    are the most cost-effective source of oxygen therapy.

    Hikoneb OxyBreath 5L Oxygen Concentrator takes the regular air,
    which normally contains 21% oxygen, and removes the nitrogen.
    The resulting air is 95 percent pure oxygen.
    Hikoneb OxyBreath 5L Oxygen Concentrator can work on
    high temperature countries because it utilizes high efficient
    fan compressor cooling mechanism.
    Fans are located under the machine so even patients use the device
    near to the walls, airflow is not disturbed.
    Dust filter in the device is very big, even the hospital forgets to clean
    it does not disturb the airflow.
    Dust filler has very easy access in order to provide easy maintenance.
    Device could be used in dusty environments if the regular
    dust filter maintenance is supplied.
    Key Points
    > For patients with continuous Oxygen Need
    > Easy to operate
    > Innovative electronic timer mechanism
    > Reliable, long operating life
    > Does not need any refills just plug and play.
    > Utilizes more Molecular sieve than its competitors, Longer sieve bed life
    > High Quality Molecular sieve